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The Fallen

The BC Forest Discovery Centre is pleased to host “the Fallen” photography exhibit by Ilja Herb.

Ilja Herb (b. 1975) is a visual artist based in Shirley, BC. His work uses digital and traditional analogue image making technologies, layers and elements of collage to explore cross-cultural perceptions and assumed contexts of time, resource use, and ethnography.

Removed from their intended industrial context of forestry, these chainsaws become something other than old logging tools long since replaced by newer more powerful machines. The pastel background colours bely the brute force intrinsic to industrial logging operations, and their presentations could suggest an ornithological study or an insect collection.  This lens playfully encourages the viewer to reconsider the importance of these machines as found artifacts that changed the physical landscape forever.  These chainsaws, and others like them were the tools, that – for better or for worse – quite literally sculpted the landscape that surrounds us.


Be sure to check out our virtual museum website “From Camp to Community” which explores early logging camps in British Columbia and the communities that grew around them. As an added bonus, the site is available in French and English! Link: Camp to Community


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