Mandate, Vision, Values

The BC Forest Discovery Centre is operated by the BC Forest Museum Society, a non-profit, registered charity.  As such, the museum is governed by a mandate and works to fulfill a vision, both determined by the board of directors.


The BC Forest Discovery Centre is charged with collecting and preserving artifacts relevant to coastal forestry, as well as educating the public about life, work and the environment in forest communities of coastal British Columbia.


The BC Forest Discovery Centre is seen in its local community and around the province as a successful museum and superb attraction because of a visitor centred approach and effective partnerships resulting in a better understanding of the forest industry by the public and a secure financial future.


1. We embrace innovation and creativity in all that we do.
2. We are willing to take calculated risks to achieve our vision.
3. We are adaptive in the face of change.
4. We do not resist change nor do we change just for the sake of change.
5. We value our visitors and put them at the centre of what we do.
6. We hold the values of honesty, openness and cooperation.
7. We value authenticity.
8. We are accountable to our members and our public.
9. We value good relationships with our partners and our community.